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Am Barry, my friends call me kiko, you probably know me from my blog ialwayslikedstrangecharacters, really happy to have you guys here as well, whoop!
Whatever's on my mind you'll probably see it here lol like fitness stuff, Liverpool fc, stuff relating to depression and suicidal thoughts, animals, Tim Burton characters, motivational stuff, and overall random weirdness. thanks for reading this boring bio and I appreciate your follow the favour will be returned :)
p.s i'll try to make your stay worthwhile :)
Don't let the world change you, keeping smiling and be proud of who you are!

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"Anxiety is not rude. Depression is not selfish. Schizophrenia is not wrong. Eating disorders are not a choice. Obsessive-Compulsive is not crazy. Mental illness isn’t self-centred, anymore than cancer is self-centred. It’s a medical illness."

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"I will always love the false image I had of you."

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Brandon Myles White


I always find myself alone.

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Jack in Titanic told Rose not to let go of him. She waited till he died then let go & his body was never found..Smh u can’t trust these hoes

“People get drunk
They hook up with the wrong person
And pretend to be okay
People act tough
And get mad
People will do anything to distract their heart.
They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.”


This may have been my absolute favorite thing at the show. It’s the “real” body of the Frankenstein Monster unearthed from the ruins of castle Frankenstein in Vassaria! This thing look 100% real in person. The figure was about 7’ tall.

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18 Things That Actually Happened

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